For those who like the idea of a very large dog that is protective and athletic, the cane corso is one to consider. Questi tempi si prolungano nei cani di taglia media, tra i 10 e i 25 kg circa. Il cane corso italiano è una razza canina di tipo molossoide di origine italiana riconosciuta dalla FCI (Standard N. 343, Gruppo 2, Sezione 2.1). Cane corso femmina. I have a boy who is 14 months old. Norme sulla privacy di Wamiz Negli esemplari con queste caratteristiche la maturità o estro può essere ritardato fino agli 8-9 mesi, anche se di solito fino a 12 sono ancora considerati cuccioli. He has charged into my yard multiple times attempting to attack my two female Belgian Malinois. Sabina Di Donato “Cane Corso attack,” Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology, 2006. There is evidence that these dogs were often responsible for babysitting young children in the residential courtyards in Ancient Rome. Ricevi i consigli e le news di Wamiz ogni giorno! Their temperament has been bred into them over thousands of years. Lorella Notari “A survey of behavioural characteristics of pure-bred dogs in Italy,” Applied Animal Behavior Science, 2007. Molto indipendente, non disdegna le coccole , ma neppure qualche ora in solitudine per gustarsi i suoi spazi dove riposa o studia l’ambiente in cui vive. I found him running down the road scared to death I watched him get hit by a car, it took me an hour to catch him. La Coda spunta piuttosto in alto alla schiena, presenta base larga ed estremità stretta. Per me sarebbe un dilemma. I have three small children and they are gentle and loving with them. The size of the Cane Corso does not keep them from being highly energetic and active dogs that thrive on regular exercise. They were good at guarding property, livestock, and families. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to She was easy to train, but I’ve learned to be patient and to wait for her to respond when I give commands it takes a long time to move that kind of weight! Roman war dogs, after all, are their forefathers. They may want to be near you but they’re not demanding in terms of physical touch and attention. They definitely cannot be left alone at home. Let us know about it in the comments! e dei diritti in mio possesso sui miei dati personali. Honestly I’ve been reading up on a few negative stories about cane corsos and I must say I strongly disagree that they are aggressive breeds and so on, I’ve seen many cane corsos and they are the most gentle, loving and loyal dogs I’ve come across and I’ve had an Alsatian and Rottweiler in the past, so anyone considering this breed I highly recommend if you’re willing to put in good amount of exercise, you like being active and love spending time with your dog because mine loves to cuddle follow us around the house and always brings us joy! Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. They get a lot of their exercise from patrolling their home and yard, which comes naturally for them. He is funny he is loyal and this particular corso of mine has THE BIGGEST HEART I have ever known in any dog i have ever known. I noticed that a stern stare is quite enough to deter her from an unwanted behavior. He was incredibly ditzy and unpredictable over his fear imprinting periods. Cane corso - femmina di 60 giorni, disponibili e pronta per essere amata in una buona famiglia, amante della razza. I don’t even have to make a sound, I just give her the “mom look”, I stare her down and she quickly lays down and looks away. Cane corso femmina: tutte le sue caratteristiche - Dogalize Fa parte dei molossoidi e originariamente era utilizzato per la guardia. Since Cane Corsos were bred and trained to watch over humans, they display various traits that are typical of guard dogs. Furthermore, they also come with a lot of health issues, making them unpredictable and somewhat expensive to own. A few ways you can train them to be more social is by taking them for long walks around your neighborhood or park. Cosa fare se un cane maschio e una femmina in calore convivono? Ci sono 34 offerte di femmine di Cane Corso in adozione in Lombardia da allevamenti, negozi, canili, privati, fra le quali trovare quella ideale per te. Il Cane Corso è una razza di tipo molossoide di statura massiccia e ha origini italiane. Your email address will not be published. Ogni cucciolo di Cane Corso Italiano su Wuuff proviene da allevatori verificati, che si prendono cura dei loro cuccioli e che li iniziano alla vita nel modo migliore. Taggato: cane corso maschio o femmina?, carattere cane corso maschio o femmina, differenze cane corso maschio e femmina Questo topic ha 9 risposte, 5 partecipanti ed è stato aggiornato l'ultima volta 2 anni, 6 mesi fa da Federico Lavanche . In tale periodo, la femmina è particolarmente recettiva e disponibile ad essere montata dal maschio. Man that’s awsome. Molto indipendente, non disdegna le coccole, ma neppure qualche ora in solitudine per gustarsi i suoi spazi dove riposa o studia l’ambiente in cui vive. The Cane Corso is a descendant of the old Roman Molosser. I walk her almost 8km every morning, I may have to drag her out of bed but she does walk primarily off leash. “Importance of Puppy Training for Future Behavior of the Dog,” Journal of Veterinary Medical Science. Essendo un molossoide è un cane da presa, quindi è stato spesso utilizzato come animale da difesa personale. With proper socialization, puppies can become more comfortable around new dogs as they mature. Ecco le razze giuste, Cane d'acqua spagnolo descritto attraverso 10 foto, Le caratteristiche del cane da pastore di Oropa, Le 16 razze di cani italiani ufficialmente riconosciute. La femmina, ogni 6 mesi… I have a cane corso he’s 18 months right now and he is an amazing, loving dog! They are territorial dogs, known to be tough and diligent workers. They are trained NOT to leave our front yard without permission and I am able to walk them and the border collie all over the neighborhood, off leash in a heel position. get along with our border collie, and love meeting new people that we invite into the house. Il suo pelo è corto, lucido e piuttosto ispido, dal colore vario. I have a BIG GIRL, 125lbs of Cane Corso! He really loves children. Nome. to come home and see lost dog ads all over social media. Se il cane corso è una femmina, nulla toglie che nasca il desiderio di farle fare una cucciolata, e non è gratis. These fearless and vigilant dogs are not right for everyone. When a Cane Corso becomes alarmed or senses trouble, it transforms from a friendly pet into a protective and potentially dangerous animal. They also lived on farms, where they served as guard dogs not only for the owners and their family but also for livestock. 4 yr old 100 lb female, and a 2 yr old 135 lb male. Pedigree ottenibile tramite iscrizione Enci. The Cane Corso is very loyal companion. I would say Congratulations with the level of obedience and predictability your Corsi have achieved. Do you have a history with this breed? Infatti come avviene quasi in tutte le razze canine, la femmina ha una taglia di solito minore rispetto ad un esemplare maschio della stessa età. I hate it when … Se non lo trovi imposta … Se non lo trovi imposta un avviso per ogni nuovo annuncio con queste caratteristiche! We are expecting the worse when he matures. Vi assicuro però che abbiamo delle femmine di cane Corso da guardia eccezionali. These dogs adore children of all ages and play with a natural awareness of their size. Hunting wasn’t the only thing the Cane Corso was used for. Ci sono 29 offerte di femmine di Cane Corso in adozione a Milano (MI) da privati, fra le quali trovare quella ideale per te. We also have a 5 year old huge lab and I must admit that the Cane Corso is smarter. This is also a quiet breed that typically barks only when there is a reason to. Il cane corso ha bisogno di uscire spesso, di fare movimento, correre e giocare all’aria aperta. That’s when i absolutely knew in my heart he was going to stay with me and i was ready to protect him with everything in me. They are also known to be great guard dogs with a sharp sense of alertness. Cane Corso Puppies for Sale. He went after me and my daughter at the school bus stop. Xena è un cane meraviglioso in attesa di adozione Vi aspetta in un rifugio a la Spezia. It’s Not Pronounced “Kane Korso.” I want to get this one out of the way at the outset. Il Cane Corso femmina ha lo stesso carattere del maschio con la differenza che sa essere ancora più protettiva e dolce. I adopted mine when she was 4.5yro, she was awesome with the family. The name derives from Cane de Corso, an old term for dogs used in rural activities, herding cattle and swine. However, since they are a large sized dog, they do not make the best dog for families with small children. Domanda molto soggettiva. Cane corso: aspetto e standard di razza. Molto gettonato al Sud Italia e soprattutto in Puglia, la sua versatilità gli ha concesso di essere anche un ottimo cane pastore, adatto ad ammansire il bestiame quando è così imbizzarrito che l’uomo non riesce a placarlo. That could not be farther from the truth. Cane Corso Adoption and Rescue Il cane corso è il discendente del molosso romano. She rescued him. She’s the SWEETEST and most loving dog ever, I have a 4,6,and 7 year old kids and they treat her like a giant pillow and she absolutely loves it. If a cat or squirrel runs past, they no not to chase it and not to break their heel position. The Cane Corso is an intelligent and willing breed. This is a very accurate sum up of these magnificent creatures. You must have skill and experience training. Ho sempre avuto un cane in famiglia, principalmente Shih-Tzu, e collaborato volontariamente con un'addestratrice cinofila e con un allevamento di Amstaff. Wuuff si impegna a fornirti tutto quello di cui hai bisogno per fare la scelta giusta e vogliamo che tu sia sicuro che tutto sia il più preciso possibile. Il Cane Corso è un animale di taglia grossa, dalle orecchie pendenti, la testa grande e massiccia e un corpo robusto e molto muscoloso. Per la difesa personale, entrambi sono super. I’m not sure where the not good family pets and don’t show emotion parts apply to cane corso’s. 2013. Il suo aspetto autoritario gli conferisce un’apparenza da duro, ma in realtà per quanto lo sia davvero, in fondo è un tenerone, forse anche più della femmina della stessa razza. We have a 6 month old female CC. She’s super social with dogs of all sizes! I introduced an american bully puppy about 2 years ago she was also sort of a rescue I bought to keep her out of being a bait dog. I found that suspicious as a 4 month old puppy (even the ever untrusting corso) was highly aggressive. The cane corso is a large-boned and muscular working dog with a noble and confident disposition. Cane Corso puppies should be friendly with unfamiliar animals. Required fields are marked *. Può apparire come un cane serioso e poco socievole, in realtà è un giocherellone, ma soprattutto un amante delle coccole: non smetterebbe mai di riceverne, in particolar modo se a fargliele è il suo padrone. As a result, Cane Corsos among other dogs can  have unstable or aggressive temperaments that can potentially be dangerous. The name derives from Cane de Corso, an old term for dogs used in rural activities, herding cattle and swine. Both would like to be allowed to chase a cat, though I haven’t given them permission, so I have no idea what they would do if they caught one. Il Cane Corso, insieme al Mastino Napoletano, è senza dubbio una delle razze molossoidi tipo dogo italiane più impressionanti. They’ll do everything to please, therefore positive reinforcement works great. Training is imperative. But the owners say no, he is just a big baby. Domande ricorrenti (in perenne aggiornamento) Meglio maschio o femmina? Finally after 4 to 5 years of saving and being a constant in his life he is completely my best friend and I am his. Il peso è variabile: fra i 45/50 Kg per il maschio, fra i 40/45 Kg per la femmina. Un altro aspetto importante da tenere in considerazione parlando della differenza tra cane maschio e cane femmina è il calore o il ciclo riproduttivo. Today, people still use the Cane Corso for these purposes. Overall I’m delighted with their temperament/tolerance of the grandkids, and training them has been okay. The Cane Corso can be a loving and devoted companion that wants nothing more than to please its owner. The Cane Corso is a descendant of the old Roman Molosser. Taglia media abbondante. She gave him confidence none of us could. A dire il vero, l’aspetto “da duro” lo hanno soprattutto gli esemplari con le orecchie tagliate, pratica ad oggi illegale. I am in awe of this breed I have has Rotties, Dobies, and current have Yorkies. However, they are often misunderstood and can actually make excellent companions. We never really disciplined him or reprimanded him for much, he took to my grandmother immediately and a year later to my mother. We had him when he was just a baby, I have a big family so he is good with everyone be it older grandparents to my younger cousins, he gets along with everyone, he may look dangerous from his large muscular appearance but he really is a big softie and wouldn’t harm anyone. Va addestrata con cura per ottenere il massimo dalle sue enormi potenzialità. All they want is to please their owner. Su AnimaleAmico puoi trovare velocemente tanti annunci di animali, annunci cane corso in regalo, ed anche tanti animali di cani e gatti in regalo da allevamenti e da privati. Per maggior informazioni e visite, solo su appuntamento telefonico allo +39 393 750 71 42 I know I did the right thing as he was meant to be with me…. Anticamente presente in tutta Italia, è rimasto soltanto nelle Puglie e nelle regioni limitrofe di questa zona dell’Italia meridionale. Whoever said this breed is not food driven must be mistaken. Nina Segatori. It was clear they cropped his tail with a blunt pair of scissors or sull knife, he had what looked like cigarette burns hal way healed all over his under belly and private parts, ha huge gash which was a clean stab and cut most likely as vet said done by a human and his ear tips were burned severely. Si tratta quindi di una razza tutta italiana riconosciuta dalla FCI. The Cane Corso temperament is confident and loyal. Il cane corso è riuscito nei secoli a rappresentare una razza adatta sia per la difesa personale che per la protezione di una ... Cane corso cuccioli. Sterilizzata e vaccinata. The consistency part of this training is the most important, so the positive behavior becomes natural. Ha un amore viscerale per il proprio padrone, a cui si attacca tantissimo e questo lo rende un buon cane da compagnia. They also have assertive, self-assured, and determined personalities. If your dog starts to act out, it is imperative to find the cause. Il Cane Corso è un animale dal carattere molto versatile e per questo molto amato. However, it is not unheard of for the Cane Corso price to be as high as $4,000! Cane Corsos are very sensitive to even the slightest signs of danger, disruption, or distress in the household. I had a dog trainer that works with military and police dogs as well as dogs that are aggressive and unattainable by normal standards, he advised me to give him the room to become a dog if possible and patience A LOT OF IT! 4 femmine nere, di cui 2 con caratteristica macchia bianca sul collo, e 1 grigia. He responds very well yo positive training techniques and on the occasions I have been impatient he literally crumbles. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Scheda di Razza approfondita: This type of behavior can still carry on even after years of training. I told them in the vicinity I saw him and if I seen him again I would try to catch him (i was very suspicious of the woman that was the “foster mom) I asked if when they caught him would he be brought back to same home and if they would be taking further measures to keep him enclosed as I have had several corsos in my time she replied with vulgarity and I hung up. next 2 days to a very large horse show for socialization as he was at the time a highly anxious mess and a very good friend of mine breeds shows and was at one point on board of cane corso association of america tol me to bring into large crowds so we could see if he had any agression issues. It’s unnecessary and not recommended to opt for protection training. This breed can make a stable and reliable companion. Il Cane Corso è una razza canina molossoide di origini italiane, riconosciuta dalla FCI (standard 343). It is recommended to do this when they are on a leash until they are friendly and playful towards each other. In realtà è un animale molto versatile, che sa essere un buon cane da compagnia, ma anche uno sportivo eccellente. Cane Corsos are large, and interactions between small children and these dogs must be supervised. Harder than working with GSDs or Collies, but not impossibly hard. All of my family is from Italy and I’ve heard about the bread for years. Altezza al garrese: fra i 64 e i 68 cm per il maschio, fra i 60 e i 64 cm per la femmina. They were good at guarding property, livestock, and families. Best Harness For Yorkie – Best Yorkshire Terrier Harnesses With Reviews. It would be a bad idea for anyone to challenge a Cane Corso or threaten to harm them or their owner in any way. Ha un animo sensibile e si attacca tantissimo al padrone, senza però sacrificare il suo spirito indipendente. In realtà la sua indole versatile lo rende un cane unico nel suo genere e la forza fisica è una delle sue qualità migliori. Negli anni ho collaborato con molti siti web, tra cui Davide Maggio, Magazine delle donne e Youglamour. Some studies attribute some aggression to the Cane Corso. This means that they are highly aware and cautious around unfamiliar faces. The Cane Corso is a large, powerful, intelligent, active, and headstrong dog. We love our big Dolly! These traits must be consistently trained and reinforced when they’re young and periodically over the years. She is playful, however this is a serious breed. An aggressive dog, no matter the size, may lunge at, bite, or even attack another person or dog. My wife and I have 2 Cane Corsi in our house. As time goes on, they should grow more comfortable with new places and people. He has become more of a “dog” and less anxious and more of a people person. Per la guardia, credo che il maschio sia più territoriale e tende a difendere meglio i suoi spazi. Unfortunately, a lot of people are breeding or raising these dogs in irresponsible ways. penny è una femmina di cane corso giovane, sana e sterilizzata. Great, serious dog for a responsible, seasoned owner. Fedelissimo e leale è un ottimo amico a 4 zampe, che difende, ama e protegge come pochi altri. Oggi scrivo per Io Donna e Loves, loves, loves kids, oh my! However, they do not need extensive exercise like other high energy dogs. Cucciola molto giocherellona e socievole, con una genealogia molto importante. Di Cani femmine; Per quanto riguarda il calore della cagnolina, si presenta ogni 6 mesi. Il Cane Corso femmina ha lo stesso carattere del maschio con la differenza che sa essere ancora più protettiva e dolce. Sono ammessi, infatti, esemplari dal manto nero, grigio, fulvo e tigrato. Non solo, oggi il Cane Corso viene utilizzato moltissimo per la pet therapy, il che dimostra la sua estrema adattabilità e il suo carattere dolce e affettuoso, nonostante la stazza e l’apparenza aggressiva. Cute pictures of him all over social media. To combat this type of behavior, socialize them. Next day to the vet and he said this dog was clearly abused terribly and if anyone comes looking for him to bring to vet immediately as he would make sure no one would hurt him again and he has ways to stop previous owners from obtaining dog. They are usually eager to please their owner, which in return makes them quite trainable. They announced on ad he is a very aggressive 4 month old dog and not to approach.. Maybe it is just my pup. Gli occhi del cane CORSO sono di media grandezza, a forma ovale e di colore scuro. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, February 7, 2019 By Happy Puppy Team 13 Comments. Può anche avere una piccola chiazza bianca sotto il mento, ma è una particolarità piuttosto rara. Cane corso femmina: tutte le sue caratteristiche - Dogaliz . orecchie tagliate, pratica ad oggi illegale, Tutti i segreti e i consigli sui molossoidi, standard di razza del Cane Corso?