“Content” means any and all audio, text, photos, pictures, graphics, comments, and other content, data or information that You upload, store, transmit, submit, exchange or make available to or via the Platform. Notwithstanding anything herein, preview clips (or other excerpts) of a Track are not counted in the foregoing. all or any part of the Platform or the Services. “Track” means a particular copy of a sound recording uploaded to the Platform. § 115) embodied in Your Controlled Works You make available for monetization in the Program, but excluding in any case (i) any such rights necessary for any permanent downloads that You choose to make available via the Platform, (ii) any such rights necessary for the initial creation and upload of Your Controlled Works to the Platform, and (iii) any such rights necessary for the use of Your Controlled Works to the extent You do not make them available for monetization on the Platform. Covers, remixes, mixes, DJ sets, audio recordings (e.g., spoken word works) and podcasts are not eligible for SoundCloud Premier monetization at this time. Accordingly, You hereby grant to SoundCloud and its Related Parties during the Term the non-exclusive, assignable (as set forth herein), sublicenseable (through multiple levels) right and license in the Territory (subject to the geographic restrictions You set for Your Controlled Works) to: (i) (A) reproduce, host, store, transmit, stream, perform and display (publicly or otherwise) and make available Your Materials via the Platform, (B) reproduce, transmit, host, store, distribute and make available temporary local storage copies embodying Your Materials, via the Platform, and (C) to the extent You designate Your Materials as available for permanent download in all or some of the countries within the Territory, reproduce, transmit, host, store, distribute and make available permanent downloads embodying Your Materials via the Platform in connection with such countries; (ii) (A) reproduce, transmit, host, store, distribute, perform and display (publicly or otherwise) and make available any of Your Content that corresponds to Your Materials, and (B) otherwise reproduce, transmit, host, store, distribute, perform and display (publicly or otherwise) and make available (whether via stream, temporary local storage copies or downloads) Your Content in any format, media or distribution channel now known or later discovered to promote the availability of Your Materials on the Platform; (iii) so that users who have added Your Content to their playlists are not negatively affected by Your removal of such Content, stream excerpts of Your Content via the Platform of Your Controlled Works you have removed; (iv) sell time-limited access to, advertisements against and sponsorships of Your Materials in connection with the Platform; and (v) otherwise use Your Materials as reasonably necessary for SoundCloud to perform its obligations including through its Related Parties and contractors and to exercise its, and to allow its sublicensees to exercise their, rights hereunder including for promotional purposes. “Music Track” means a Track that (i) has been uploaded to the Platform by or on behalf of a music-industry rights holder, whether or not such Track contains musical compositions; (ii) is identified as being musical in nature by the Artist uploading such Track; or (iii) is identified in good faith by SoundCloud, either through metadata tags, SoundCloud’s proprietary audio classification software, or otherwise (including via a combination of the foregoing), as being musical in nature, or non-musical but controlled by a music-industry rights holder. In order to monetize Your Content on the Platform as contemplated in these Terms and Conditions, we need to obtain certain rights from You in Your Content on a non-exclusive basis while you participate in the Program. To be eligible to participate in the Program, you must be (a) a natural person 18 years of age (or the applicable age of majority in your jurisdiction, if other than 18) or older, (b) a duo, band or group (collectively, a “Group”), each member of which is a natural person 18 years of age (or the applicable age of majority in such person’s jurisdiction, if other than 18) or older, or (c) a company or other legal entity with legal authority to act on behalf of a natural person 18 years of age (or the applicable age of majority in your jurisdiction, if other than 18) or older, or a Group (an “Entity”). It’s no secret that when a producer uploads their music to SoundCloud, they’re hoping to get a lot of plays on their tracks and finally get the exposure they need. Genre: Pop I am a pro member. SoundCloud will calculate Your Revenues (including all other terms used to calculate Your Revenues) on a country-by-country basis and on a Tier-by-Tier basis. Posting music on SoundCloud for free was a way of the past. The persons and entities entitled to be indemnified under the above two paragraphs (individually and collectively, “Indemnitee”) will: (i) promptly inform the indemnifying Party under the above two paragraphs (“Indemnitor”) of each Claim with respect to which it seeks indemnity, (ii) furnish to the lndemnitor a copy of each communication, notice or other action related to such Claim, and (iii) give the Indemnitor the authority, information and reasonable assistance necessary to settle or litigate such Claim, using counsel selected by the Indemnitor (provided, however, that the Indemnitee may participate in the defense of such suit or proceeding with counsel of its choice, at the Indemnitee’s sole cost). But thats not the case. In addition, we reserve the right to suspend Your participation in the Program, and without advance notice, if You fail to pay any SoundCloud Pro subscription fees which have been duly charged. You shall not interfere with the normal operation of SoundCloud for example by causing Plays of Content on the Platform to be made in an automated or fraudulent manner (for example, with the use of an application or bot intended to artificially increase Plays); nor shall You pay or offer consideration to others to access Content on the Platform. https://help.soundcloud.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Home; Stream; Library; Search. Now you can be confident your Wi-Fi won’t cut out mid-set and spin wherever inspiration strikes. As used in these Terms and Conditions, “Confidential Information” means any non-public information, non-public beta features, statements, data, usage reports or other materials provided by one Party to the other in connection with these Terms and Conditions (other than Your Content and other information intended for storage and display to end users of SoundCloud). With any Pro plan, get Spotlight to showcase the best of your music & audio at the top of your profile. If you are a natural person participating in the Program on behalf of, or for the benefit of, an Entity, then you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions on behalf of yourself and such Entity. This meant that SoundCloud beat its financial growth targets. how do become eligible for soundcloud premier? When you monetize with SoundCloud Premier, we provide the following things: Leading revenue share: SoundCloud meets or beats any other streaming service. With SoundCloud Premier monetization, you can now get paid for those uploads, in a quick and seamless way. SoundCloud’s obligation to remit to You Your Revenues is subject to Your compliance with Your obligations in these Terms and Conditions. If their income decreases, so does yours. UPDATED: SoundCloud has been on a bit of a winning streak of late, announcing a slew of partnerships and integrations with Instagram, Serato and Dubset, while also expanding its monetization program with Premier.However, its monetization program is now coming under more scrutiny after The Verge got their hands on it and a few big points don’t appear to be great for creators. SoundCloud Premier monetization is now available for all eligible SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited content Playcounts now equal creator payouts. I recently got soundcloud unlimited Pro, and the main reason i got it was because of soundcloud premier, with in mind that i had a copyright from more than 2 years ago i thought it would be no problem. How profitable SoundCloud Premier’s newly public-facing program will be for indie artists remains to be seen. As part of the Program, You agree to grant to SoundCloud certain non-exclusive rights to use Your content during Your participation in the Program. When your purchase this service we will work with your page to get it to meet the eligibility requirements to be approved for SoundCloud Premier Monetization. Get notified by email when this product is back in stock. As between You and SoundCloud, You are responsible for timely acquiring, administering, and maintaining (i) any and all necessary sound recording and master licenses and consents, and for clearing all rights with respect to, and making all associated payments due to, any and all musicians, producers, remixers, directors and any other person whose recording contributions are embodied within Your Controlled Works and any guilds or unions, in respect of the use and monetization of Your Controlled Works via SoundCloud, (ii) any and all payments to any sound recording rights collective or similar body required as a result of the use of Your Controlled Works hereunder (e.g., for so-called performer’s rights, equitable remuneration rights, neighboring rights, etc. “Losses” means any and all liabilities, damages, awards, settlements, losses, claims, suits, proceedings, assertions and expenses including court costs, reasonable third party legal fees and third party costs of investigation. All amounts hereunder will be computed and determined in United States Dollars, British Pounds, or Euros, as SoundCloud may select, and SoundCloud may compute currency conversions using conversion rates published by third parties. If You end Your participation in the Program or if You cancel Your Subscription to SoundCloud Pro, Your Content shall not be eligible for monetization, the Term shall end, and You hereby direct us as of the end of the Term to host, store and make available Your Content on the Platform pursuant to the SoundCloud Terms of Use for those items of Your Content that you have not removed from the Platform as of or following the end of the Term. Help your audience discover your sounds. (The firm’s 2018 report is based on UK GAAP financial requirements.) We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. This happens because we are working on a large number of campaigns of this type and in order to provide the highest quality campaign for our artists we must wait to complete old campaigns to accept new campaigns. Join our community of like-minded creatives and find out first-hand, that what’s next in music is first on SoundCloud. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Welcome to SoundCloud Premier monetization (“SoundCloud Premier monetization” or “Program”), a service provided by SoundCloud LTD and/or its affiliates (“SoundCloud”, “we”, “our”, or “us”). Faster payouts: You’ll have more cash in your pocket because we pay you directly each month. Start listening now! Need help? These Terms and Conditions apply to you (“You” and “Your”) and SoundCloud and govern Your participation in the Program beginning on the Start Date through the End Date (capitalized terms have the meaning set forth in the “Certain Definitions” section below). These Terms and Conditions will not be governed by the U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Hey @TGM MUSIC you can learn more about this under 'Who can monetize with SoundCloud Premier' in our Creator Guide. By clicking “Agree”, below, You are entering a legally binding agreement with respect to Your (and, if applicable, Your Group or Your Entity’s) participation in the Program, and agreeing to be governed by these Terms and Conditions (below).