It’s a process called lectio divina and it’s actually not new at all—the practice originated within monastic communities centuries ago. (neděle večer) do 23.5. What do the characters experience/feel/think? ), úvod k oratio a contemplatio (14.00 hod.) Nabízíme možnost prožití těchto exercicií s individualním doprovázením v pallotinském domě v Radešínské Svratce (pokoj, kuchyň, kaple). 8 Maggio 2020. 5.) We do not judge or criticize each other’s responses. 5. Or consider the phrase or image you noticed: Reflect on how it might intersect with your life today. Learn how your comment data is processed. The ripe fruit of the regular practice of Lectio Divina is assimilating the word of God and being assimilated by it. Lectio divina. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. 5. 6. den, sobota, 23. During the lectio divina, we listen in a prayerful way and speak from our hearts. Lectio On-line. It’s set to a soothing, soft melody, but it somehow feels like a marching band pounding into my eardrums every morning. Nejde jen o to, abychom nacházeli odpovědi na otázky,  které  máme,  abychom se mohli dobře rozhodovat. A spiegarlo è Ricardo Grzona, promotore di un portale dedicato alla Lectio Divina on-line: Papa Giovanni Paolo II prima e Benedetto XVI poi hanno insistito molto sul fatto che la Lectio Divina, che era un metodo di … I hope you’ll find that here–and leave with a little more inspiration and courage to be all God created you to be! Listen for a nudge:  What words or images is the Spirit drawing you toward today? I printed several of your Llama cards for a granddaughter that is far from me who loves llamas and actually has one that she works with through her 4H chapter. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Na cestě Lectio divina jde především o to, abychom se učili využívat "síly Evangelia" (Gaudium et spes č. I also wanted to commend you for encouraging others to grow their faith through the spiritual practice of Lectio Divina. Simply be still. La lectio divina ha chiare radici bibliche e un lungo esercizio monastico. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I recently wrote a blog post exploring this spiritual practice in more detail: I’d encourage you to read it if you’d like a deeper understanding of how it can be incorporated into your spiritual life. We keep responses relatively short. Codzienne rozważania do żywej modlitwy Słowem Bożym • Reflect while you read the passage a second time with deep receptivity. Thanks so much for such an encouraging message. Are you looking for a place where it’s okay to admit you don’t have it all together? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I sip from my fresh cup of coffee and begin reading. The hate part comes the moment my alarm jolts me from sleep. Expect nothing. Relax in this moment to be with God, and know you are loved. Od roku 2016 je pod patronací otců pallotinů vede tým kněží a sester. I’ve tried a variety of different Bible studies and read dozens of books exploring God’s Word over the years, but recently, I discovered a “new” spiritual practice that’s added fresh color to these quiet devotion times. 1. den, ponděli, 18. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Use these free printable Scripture cards as bookmarks, Bible memory work, encouragement for a friend . Úvody do modlitby budú vysielať cez kanál youtube: Lectio divina.. Tieto exercície budú na tému Stretnutie Vzkrieseného s učeníkmi (Peter a Ján, Mária Magdaléna, Tomáš, Kleofáš, ktorí boli svedkami Kristovho zmrtvýchvstania). We avoid an intellectual discussion. It is an ancient method of reading the bible and goes back to the first thousand years of Christianity as the principal way of forming communities centred on the sacred Word of God. (neděle večer) do 23. Remarkably, we all find different things to be resonant. If your mind wanders, gently redirect your thoughts toward God. . ), Read through the passage another time, allowing the Scripture to lead you into a prayer/response to God. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. ), přednáška o dynamice exercici lectio divina (17. Loading... Unsubscribe from Lectio Divina CZ? Take a few moments to quiet yourself, get in a comfortable position, and become aware of God’s presence. Lectio Divina, “divine reading,” is a way to connect with God’s word through prayer. LECTIO DIVINA… on line! Updated: May 3. I’m praying for you friend, to enjoy the beautiful and healing presence of God. In Liturgia. I would like to begin using Lectio Divina, Your email address will not be published. Rest in the awareness of God’s presence, remaining open to anything else the Spirit might stir in your heart. […], Thank you for sharing your beautiful free printables! The monastic form of Lectio Divina is a more ancient method and was practiced by the Mothers and Fathers of the Desert and later in monasteries both East and West. Letos se exercicie lectio divina on-line budou konat od 17. Praying that the time you have given to others in your mission and ministry be returned to you ten fold. Where you can take in a big, deep breath of Jesus and find grace to get you through the day? Pokud máte zájem kontaktujte o. Tomáše: 420 739 002 737, a domluvte vhodný pro vás termín. 5. úvod k meditatio (9.00 hod. Lectio Divina ist eine alte und gleichzeitig wiederentdeckte Form, die Bibel zu lesen. 4. den, čtvrtek, 21. Del santo Evangelio según san Mateo (11,11-15): En … I  hit the “off” button, stumble out of bed, and shuffle toward the kitchen to start the coffee, inky darkness still visible through the windows. It’s a process called lectio divina and it’s actually not new at all—the practice originated within monastic communities centuries ago. Lectio Divina is latin for Divine Reading. Českí pallotíni organizujú exercície Lectio divina on-line, ktoré sa budú konať od 17.5. 737 likes. Exercicie, které povede P. Martin Sedloň, OMI, budou přenášeny z poutního kostela Božího milosrdenství ve Slavkovicích na kanále youtube: Lectio divina CZ. 5. úvod k meditatio (9.00 hod. Aree Tematiche Esperienze Formative Lectio Divina Lectio divina on line - Presentazione Mercoledì 02 Dicembre 2009 15:14 Lectio divina on line - Presentazione It originated in monasteries as a way for a group to jointly hear a scriptural reading, then meditate upon it and pray based on what it raised for them. Sharing our inner lives is another way of connecting heart to heart with one another. přednáška o dynamice exercici lectio divina. 5.) Schon in der alten Kirche und im mittelalterlichen Mönchtum wurde ihr viel Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt: Ihre Stufen oder Schritte (Lesen ­- Bedenken - Beten - still vor Gott da sein - anders leben) werden mehrfach wiederholt und immer wieder eingeübt. Loading Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. And for those of you who’d like just a bit more detail about the lectio divina process, I’m including a description of each step at the end of this post as well. Exercicie lectio divina jsou určeny pro všechny - pro laiky, zasvěcené osoby a kněze. Above all, I’m praying that however and whenever you turn to God’s Word, you’ll experience the beauty of the Spirit speaking straight to your heart. We do not judge or criticize each other’s responses. 5. úvod k meditatio (9.00 hod. These cookies do not store any personal information. (Try a few deep breaths with the prayer “Come, Holy Spirit, Come.”)  I often take a quick inventory of my body, mind, and heart, asking God to quiet each of them in turn. Avoid analyzing and simply savor the words, letting them sink in. Dilluns, 16 Novembre 2020. • Listen with the ear of the heart. I recently wrote a blog post exploring this spiritual practice in more detail: I’d encourage you to read it if you’d like a deeper understanding of how it can be incorporated into your spiritual life. Read the passage four times, leaving a few minutes of silence in between each reading. We keep responses relatively short. Lectio Divina does not treat Scripture as text to be studied, but as the Living Word. I have a love-hate relationship with the early morning hours in my home. Lectio Divina or Divine Reading is an ancient Christian contemplative practice where we slow down and carefully chew on a biblical text multiple times, allowing God to speak to us through this text. 5. úvod k meditatio (9.00 hod. ), úvod k oratio a contemplatio (14.00 hod.) A Carmelite nun in her cell, meditating on the Bible. Lectio Divina is an ancient guided practice for hearing and reflecting on a written piece that is read aloud. 2. den, úterý, 19. Don’t get distracted during the lectio divina by intellectual types of questions about the passage. Updated: May 3. Is there a character you identify with? Lectura: ¿Qué dice el texto? 5. úvod k meditatio (9.00 hod. Twenty- Fourth Week in Ordinary Time Twenty- Fifth Week in Ordinary Time Twenty- Sixth Week in Ordinary Time Twenty- Seventh Week in Ordinary Time Twenty- Eighth Week in … Easter blessings to you and your family. 17 talking about this. Bereits die Wüstenväter übten diese Art des Schriftgebets. Re-read the passage, lingering over the person/word/phrase that captured your attention. It is a way to open yourself to let God speak to you through His word, so that you are not just reading the Bible like any other book. Můžete se také podívat na exercicie Lectio divina on-line, které se  konaly od 17. 93), síly Božího slova, skrze které se nám sdílí sám Trojjediný Bůh, aby stále více vstupoval do života našeho a skrze nás i do života druhých. (And I especially recommend it to all the recovering perfectionists out there, like me. It is oriented toward contemplative prayer. We speak out of our own experience. Aw! Since we do Lectio Divina in a group (or, lately, over Zoom) we then go around the circle and share what line or image stood out for us and why. Read the passage slowly, out loud if possible. Úvody do modlitby jsme vysílali žívě skrze kanál youtube: Lectio divina, Začátek exercicií: úvodní přednáška (9.5. Exercicie lectio divina on-line: úvodní přednáška Lectio Divina CZ. Stay healthy! This practice was established as a monastic practice by St. Benedict in … Exercicií je možné se zúčastnit i s individuálním doprovázením, tedy s každodenním duchovním rozhovorem přes telefon s jedním ze členů našeho exercičního týmu. […] If you’d like to try lectio divina for yourself, I encourage you to read through the steps below and start with a story from the gospels: Stories provide a great way for beginners to get started. (I find it easier to keep all my thoughts in one book rather than having to print and keep track of multiple sheets. Please note: We will send you a Zoom link and login instructions via email approximately two weeks before the workshop begins. Lectio Divina does not seek information or motivation, but communion with God. 1. Here is a slightly more formal method for practicing lectio divina. I just tuck the single-page lectio divina guide into my Bible as a reference for my reading times.). ), přednáška o dynamice exercici lectio divina (17. Oggi si intende come “lettura credente” – vera sosta riflessiva e ascolto orante, da soli o in gruppo – di un passo della Bibbia, accolta come Parola di Dio. We resist the urge to give advice or fix things. Using Lectio Divina as the basic structure for a small group is different than most other church-based small groups. This historical way of “resting” your heart and mind in the Lord’s presence is a beautiful way of prayerful intention and all of us need more of this faithful time especially during these uncertain times. A "Lectio Divina on line" começará com uma invocação ao Espírito Santo; segue a leitura de uma passagem bíblica, a meditação, a oração e um momento de "contemplação do Senhor pela Palavra". Notice the feelings this passage evokes in you–is there attraction, or resistance of some kind? You can download the lectio divina guide by clicking the blue button below. Learning to Listen for God with Lectio Divina | More Like Grace, Free Printable 2021 Calendar: Vintage Floral, Practice Makes Progress: Simple Steps for a Less Chaotic Home, Bringing Grace to the Issue of Race: 4 Guideposts for White Christians. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. (Again, it might be helpful to focus your prayer by journaling.). In this reading, you want to familiarize yourself with the basic meaning of the passage, what it says to everyone. A Lectio group is not a Bible study, which tends to focus on cognitive learning and people sharing their ideas and opinions about … You take a short text from the Bible (a story from the Gospels, a psalm, or really anything) and take time to pray and reflect on it. The second movement in Lectio Divina thus involves meditating upon and pondering on the scriptural passage. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Notice the feelings this passage evokes in you–is there attraction, or resistance of some kind? Lectio Divina translates from two Latin words as “Sacred Reading”. Lectio Divina por María Guadalupe Rodríguez García de México Paso 0 Invocación al Espíritu Santo Paso 1 Lectura Lectura del santo evangelio según San Mateo (1,18-24): LA generación de Jesucristo fue de esta manera: María, su madre, estaba desposada con José y, antes de vivir juntos, resultó que ella esperaba un hijo por obra del … To learn how to lead a small group in this process it’s best to personally experience being led by someone else who knows how to do it. I hope this little guide will help you explore a new spiritual practice that can deepen your Bible study moments. What might God be asking of you t… It does not treat Scripture as text to be studied, but as the "Living Word". It’s a simple one-page sheet, with instructions/questions for each step of the lectio process. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 128. Prosíme a děkujeme za modlitbu o Ducha Svatého na čas příprav exercicií a během jejich průběhu. Ven Espíritu Santo e inunda nuestro corazón con tu presencia para que podamos entender el mensaje que Jesús quiere darnos a través de su Palabra.